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Fiberlite Technologies, Inc.
Recycling Paper Into Cellulose Insulation
Fiberlite Technologies, Inc.
Recycling Paper Into Cellulose Insulation
Fiber-Lite 2 Hour Firewall Cellulose Insulation Diagram2050
2-H FIREWALL - Designed to Slow Fire Spread With Cellulose Insulation

2H-FIREWALL Design For Cellulose Insulation


The FTI – 2H FIREWALL is a load-bearing wall design, meeting the criteria for a 2-hour firewall. This firewall system provides cost savings over conventional firewall designs. The added fire protection provided by filling the cavity with Fiberlite’s FTI – 2H FIREWALL Insulation reduces the number of layers of sheetrock required, resulting in less labor and jobsite waste. In addition, this design provides tremendous thermal performance and sound control.

  1. Wood Studs – double row of nominal 2x4 inch studs, spaced 16 inches OC and cross braced at mid-height. Opposite rows spaced 1 inch apart, staggered 8 inches OC and joined at the top and bottom with bearing plates
  2. Wallboard, Gypsum – one layer of 4 foot-wide, 5/8 inch thick Type C gypsum wallboard, applied vertically and screwed to studs and bearing plates 7 inches OC with 1-7/8 inch long cup head drywall screws. Wallboard joints centered over studs.
  3. Sprayed Cellulose Material the fiber applied with water to completely fill the enclosed 8 inch cavity in accordance with the application instructions supplied with the product. The minimum dry density is 4.20 lbs/ft3.
  4. Bearing Plates –nominal 2x4 inch. Two layers on top and one layer on bottom of each row of studs.
  5. Joints and Screw heads – wallboard joints taped and both joints and screw heads covered with joint compounds.

Product Uses:

  • New Construction
  • Walls

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