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Fiberlite Technologies is your source for the very best blown in and sprayed cellulose insulation products. We have insulation solutions to improve energy savings in virtually any home or commercial building. Cellulose insulation is cost effective and provides enhanced sound control and superior fire protection. It is the perfect insulation for new residential or commercial construction projects. Cellulose insulation is ideal for upgrading existing insulation in walls or attics. The advantages go beyond just insulating homes and buildings. This amazing product provides a wealth of benefits and is safe for people and the environment.

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Home Insulation Can Minimize Stack Effect

Learn what Stacking Effect is, how it drives up home energy costs and how insulation controls it in this article from Fiberlite Tech cellulose insulation products.
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Fiberlite Names Pat Grubb GENERAL Manager

Fiberlite has promoted Patricia Grubb to General Manager of its plant in Joplin, Mo. She is the first woman in the position and one of the few in the industry.
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Fiberlite Tech Turns 45

Fiberlite Tech turned 45 in 2019. See the story behind one of the leaders in cellulose insulation manufacturing.
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